ESL/EFL Lesson Plans, Materials, and Resources

ESL EFL Lesson Plans

Welcome to this resource of lessons plans for ESL / EFL.

The resources I post here for both online and offline English teachers.

I’ve broken the resources up into different sections. If you use a resource that you would like me to include, please get in touch here.

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English Lesson Plans Based on the News

Using news articles in your lessons is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It helps create an interesting topic of discussion
  • Your learners will likely know about the story (if they follow the news)
  • There are some great lesson plans in this area

Breaking News English: A new lesson is posted every two days and each one includes the article adapted to different levels, an audio reading, warm-up activities, and an incredible amount of exercises.

News in Levels: This doesn’t include the activities that Breaking News English has, but there are a lot of articles that have different levels of English and videos to accompany each one.

Newspapers and Blogs: You can obviously use your own articles taken from newspapers and blogs. Additionally, I recommend that you get your learners to send you articles that they find interesting and create a lesson plan around it.

English Lesson Plans Based on Videos / Ted Talks

Teachers love using video in the classroom (click here to learn about how you can embed videos into your online lessons).

Here are some of the best video resources for your ESL / EFL lessons:

Film English: Step-by-step plans based on short videos. There are a lot of lessons to go through and my learners really enjoy these lessons.

TEDxESL: Although the author has stopped publishing new lessons, these lessons are really useful. You can download the lesson plan, activities, and the transcript for each lesson.

ESL Video: It’s not as polished as the other sites, but there are lot of short videos that come with questions you can ask your learners. Some have lesson notes and transcripts.

Conversation Topics and Role Plays

If you teach conversational English, you’ll find the following resources useful:

ITESLJ: Many topics for discussion. This is my go to when looking for conversational topics in my lessons.

ESL Conversation Questions: Another resources for discussions.

ESL Flow: The site’s a little messy, but it has great role-plays.

Grammar Lesson Plans and Resources

The following will help you teach grammar to your learners.

Off2Class: An all-in-one solution for teaching grammar online. Free and paid memberships are available. The ESL section has a bunch of grammar lesson plans.

EnglishPage: The place to go if you need grammar explanations and exercises

Perfect English Grammar: Another great resource for explanations.

General Lesson Plans and Resources

These resources have lots of plans on many different areas of English.

ESL Lounge: Free samples and premium resources

LinguaHouse: Lots of lesson plans – limited access with the free version.

Sean Banville: The creator of Breaking News English (above) has a lot of free materials. Lots of lesson plans here

Teaching English: More plans!

Busy Teacher: Plans, resources, and activity sheets.

Lesson Plans from this Blog

We have a number of lesson plans on this blog:

Lesson Plan Christmas Shelby
How to Teach Phrasal Verbs
Second Conditional Lesson Plan
Making Decisions

Keeping Your Lesson Plans Organized

With all the resources above, it can be difficult to stay organized. I recommend doing two things:

  1. Bookmarking sites
  2. Saving specific plans in Evernote

(Click here to learn more about Evernote.)

Here are some quick tips for using Evernote:

  • Install the browser extension
  • Add tags to your posts
  • Keep a record of what you have done with each student inside Evernote

You can access saved lesson plans on any device.

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