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Tips and Resources to Help You Bring Learners into Your Lessons and Courses

Recently, I’ve been going live on Facebook 2-3 times per week to share information on how to better market your lessons and courses.

As a side note, if you’re struggling to make videos, consider going live.

There’s something different about pressing “go live now” instead of recording a video and then uploading it. For me, it brings out a different style of presenting. It also helps me get something out there. I highly recommend you try it.

Anyway, back to the video….

… in this lesson, I go through various tips and strategies that will help you better promote yourself as an online teacher. I talk about affiliate programs, checkout software, focusing in on your niche, creating micro-content, and other useful tidbits.

Useful notes below.

Producing Micro-Content

A TEOC member asked if it’s necessary to create new blog posts frequently in order to attract learners.

My answer?

No, it’s not necessary. What you can do instead is this:

  • Create micro-content on social media sites
  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) at the beginning and end.

The old way of writing an article and posting links on social media isn’t exactly dead, but it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Facebook and other social sites want you to create native content. They want you to upload videos to their platform.

Users want this too. Think about how much more likely you are to watch a video on Facebook rather than click a YouTube link.

Use this to your advantage by creating micro-content on these platforms. And remember to include a relevant CTA.

(Learn how to use email with any CTA you have)

Over the long-term, you’ll most likely want to include blog posts too. This way, you will be found by Google. But as I say here, this takes time.

New Checkout Software, Getting Help From My Wife, and My New Affiliate Program

I’ve had a couple of problems recently with people trying to register for my course.

This was an old problem that I thought had gone away.

Certain people were getting a timeout message when they submitted their order. They couldn’t register and I was missing out on new members. I tried to talk with my hosting account, software people, and hosting service, but they couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

On a related note, I also wanted to add an affiliate program for my courses.

I tried one piece of software, but it was a nightmare to set up. The support was decent, but it was overly complex and confusing.

My wife knew I was struggling with these problems (I was sighing a lot, apparently) and asked what was wrong.

I told her about it and said that there is this software that, although expensive, looks like it could solve everything.

She told me to go for it.

So, I did.

It took a couple of hours to set everything up. I’m very pleased with the initial experience and now I have an affiliate program.

There are two main takeaways here:

  • If you are currently stuck with something, talk it through with someone. Although my wife told me what to do, just talking it over with her made me realize what I needed to do
  • Investing in the right products, services, and people helps you grow faster and makes life easier. Don’t put this off.

As for my affiliate program, get in contact if you would like to join.

A New Success Story and Lessons About Niches

A couple of days ago, I got an email that made my day.

It was from a teacher who had gone through my course and had something exciting to share. Here is part of what she said:

“The course has focussed me on finding a niche, and as a result I have hit some important financial and personal milestones.

I come from an RAF family – my father was one of the first six link instructors in the UK – and as a journalist I specialised in writing about flight simulation. Also, I am an Accelerated Learning trainer, a Master NLP Coach, an Advanced Reading Instructor and CELTA qualified. When I started putting all these skills together to teach a senior airline pilot, we struck gold.

He was the only one of 100 pilots tested last month to be given level 6 in his aviation English exam (EALTS). I also helped him secure his dream job for a Saudi Airline on an amazing package. He is championing me to colleagues with similar aspirations, and so now I am teaching a handful of pilots, all by referral. I couldn’t be happier about this.”

Ingrid focused on what she was specialized in and brought all this together. This focus on what she does best resulted in one of her clients fulfilling his dream. When this happens, you’re going to get referrals.

If you’re struggling to resonate with learners, think about what your strengths are and what interests you, and then find ways to create lessons and teach those who you are going to best connect with.

New Video Training

Last week, I put together a new video training series.

I highly recommend you go through it. It might be exactly what you need to get your teaching business off the ground.

Click here to get instant access to the videos.

Over to You

Please share any thoughts you have in the comment section below.

Oh, and if you have a lesson plan that you want to share with the world, get in touch here.


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  • Stephanie Benger

    Great stuff about micro content, Jack, thanks. I’ll check out your new video course too.

  • julia

    Here’s my thought: I am reading the testimonial of the lady who struck gold (and I want to congratulate her for that) but I can’t help feeling a little bit demotivated. I am currently an English teacher online and trying to have my own private students, but I am not a native speaker. I am doing pretty well in what the accent is concerned and I do have a pretty good command of English, however, I can not lead my students to the highest level of knowledge. I am constantly studying the language and I learn together with my students at times, so, I wonder, which is my niche?

    • That’s something you’ll work out. Play to your strengths. One strength, for example, could be the fact that you’ve reached an advanced level of English and can pass this experience onto your learners.

      Get some momentum and build on it.

    • Joy Fujii

      Julia, one advantage you may have over native speakers is a better knowledge of linguistics, namely grammar. There is actually an area of research going on about the pros and cons of native speakers as language teachers. Also, you can share through personal experience how you became fluent in a very difficult language. That’s a hot topic – how to study English, how to improve one’s English.

      • julia

        Joy, thank you. After reading your comment I went on to read more about the area of research you mentioned.

  • Joy Fujii

    Love your stuff, Jack. Thanks for all of the effort you put into the education portion of your business. It builds trust and respect in your brand. I have a *long* way to go. Your site is becoming one of my go-tos when I am wondering what video to turn on while driving to my day job, etc.

    • Thanks, Joy. I appreciate it. More videos coming next week.

  • Jack, call me dense, but what is micro content? I’ve heard the phrase tossed around a bit, but am rather foggy as to what it is exactly. Thanks.

    • A good example is a one-minute Instagram video. You can create this in, well, one minute and then add some text and a call-to-action at the end.

  • Sutasinee Tongwan

    Thank you so much. I am so please i found this site