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3 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube and What You’re Doing Wrong

Want more views on YouTube?

Watch this video to find out what I was doing wrong (what you’re probably doing wrong too) and the three most important things you need to do to push your numbers higher.

I’ll also go through what role Facebook plays here.

Keep People on YouTube (preferably your videos)

If you rely on sponsorship money and ad revenue, this might not apply to you.

But if you’re sending people to your lead magnet (email list), your course, or your website in general, then you might be getting punished.

Watch time on your videos is one of the key factors.

If you’re telling people to get off YouTube instead of watching one of your other videos, your watch time is lower.

If your watch time is lower, YouTube won’t push your videos as much.

Suggested videos and browse features are key for YouTube growth. Without this, new people won’t find you.

But… if the reason for making videos is to find more people to sign up for your lesson and courses, then can you see the problem we have to solve?

We want to grow our channel AND use it to get people to go through our sales process.

The way I’m approaching this is to be strategic about it.

To have certain videos where people click and take action. And to have others where the logical thing to do is to watch another video of mine.

I’m not going to mention my free downloads at the end of every video moving forward.

Longer Videos

Watch time is more important than views and audience retention.

If your watch time is increasing, YouTube will start pushing more of your videos.

Therefore, I’m going to make longer videos. 50% of a 25 minute video is 12:30 minutes. 75% of a 4 minute video is 3 minutes.

I can work this to my advantage by making these longer videos full of great information and engaging.

Better Thumbnails and Titles

I’ve held back here. No longer!

I want my thumbnails to stand out so that they get people’s attention. The title should compliment this so that people want to click.

The more people that click, the more YouTube will push your videos.

But you have to give people what they want. Having a thumbnail and title that has nothing to do with the content won’t work.

I mentioned in the video that I’m going take pictures instead of choosing screenshots.

However, if I take the time to go through the video, I can find expressions that get people’s attention and look like they’re taken from the video, which helps with associating the thumbnail with the content.

The one for this video was taken from the video. I had a picture but found this one more engaging.

I do this by using FCPX and sharing the current frame.

I then edit the picture and enter it into one of my templates to add text and other effects.

Facebook Video and Promoting Content Elsewhere

In the past, you could embed YouTube videos on the Facebook feed.

This did wonders for views and finding new people to watch your videos.

However, Facebook stopped this feature once they started pushing their own video platform. I’ve found that when I post a link to YouTube from my Facebook page, my reach is much lower.

I see Facebook introducing video monetization soon. If they do that, then creators will have a good reason to start uploading their videos to Facebook too.

What to Do Now?

Before you check out my resources, I want to say this: always strive to make better videos.

This is the foundation on which you build a channel.

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I’m pleased to say that it’s finally here! Follow me around for the day as I take you to the woods, my office, and the parking lot (haha!) and show you what I do on a daily basis.

I also share my best tips that will help you get more private students into your lessons and courses.

Resources Mentioned in the Video

I mentioned a lot of different things in this video. Let’s start with my gear:

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If so, join the 5-Day Email Marketing Challenge for FREE! Sign up to get the first lesson instantly delivered to your inbox!

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