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My name is Jack and I’m an online ESL/EFL teacher, a web designer, and blogger.

I started teaching online independently in 2011. Since then, I have expanded into online courses, have built up a large following on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, and I now help teachers and teachers-to-be succeed online.

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More on my story

Upon leaving university I started my 9-5 job working in marketing. I really enjoyed it but it was based in my home town in Lancashire, England, and all my friends had moved to either Manchester or London. I’d had an urge to go

I had always wanted to go traveling, and when my company wanted to promote me and reorganize the department around my promotion, it felt like the right time to go. Accepting that promotion would have made it much more difficult to leave, and my desire to visit South America was too strong.

My trip was incredible and I ended up meeting my future wife in Ecuador. After my travels had ended I needed a way to make a living both in the UK and in America (where my wife is from), so I started teaching conversational English online.

We then moved to Spain where I made a couple of websites to attract private lessons. I started my international teaching website during my last year in Spain, and have been a full-time online English tutor since, teaching students from all over the world. I don’t have a boss, I decide what to charge and when and where I work. I love teaching my students and I have created some special relationships over the years.

More about my online teaching history and my business

As mentioned above, I decided to start teaching online when I needed to be able to work from anywhere. I had thought about becoming an English teacher anyway and thought that it was a great opportunity. I joined a startup and was one of their first teachers. I still remember my first lesson, Julie from France. She mainly wanted conversation but then started asking questions about conditionals. I had no idea how to teach conditionals so looked it up and went through it the following week.

After having some success building my own websites while in Spain, and attracting some students who wanted online lessons, I decided to start a new site.

Since then, this site has had many iterations. I’ve learned a lot about web design and online marketing through training and by actually doing it. This site passes this on to you.

I never knew that this would grow to where I am now. But I’ve loved every minute of this fabulous journey.

Thanks for reading!