Active Campaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign Pricing: Which Tier Do You Need? (Good News!)

Thinking about getting Active Campaign but you’re not sure which pricing tier is for you?

Watch the video below (or read the summary) to learn if you need to go Pro or beyond or if the Lite version is adequate.

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Spoiler alert: for online teachers and creators (individual or small teams) the Lite plan is sufficient.

In fact, compared to the competition, what you get on this plan for the price point offers incredible value.

It includes the powerful automation tools – and the basic features – starting at just $9 per month.

I’ve been using Active Campaign since 2015. I switched from a popular email marketing platform which I found to be severely lacking.

The difference was night and day. The best way to sum up ActiveCampaign is that it’s simple yet sophisticated.

You can easily get your basic email autoresponders set up and grow into the other features as and when you need them.

The biggest feature for me is the way in which you set up automations. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Active Campaign Example

It’s visual and you can drag and drop various actions on to the automation.

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The features on the Pro plan and higher are for businesses that need more complex CRM solutions.

What we’re trying to do is the following:

  • Send our audience a free gift
  • Send follow-up emails (automated) to sell our services
  • Send emails to our audience to launch something new / send new content

The Lite version of ActiveCampaign does all of this and much more. You can also use site tracking and send out automated emails based on certain triggers.

For example, if someone reads a specific blog post, you can follow this up with similar content for them to take a look at.

If you understand the importance of email marketing and are in one of these two camps:

  • you don’t have an email list
  • you have an email list but want to try something new

I highly recommend ActiveCampaign.

Here’s my link to try it out.