3 Apps for Online Teachers

Three Amazing Apps for Online Teachers (Part Two)

3 Apps for Online Teachers

A few months back, I wrote an article looking at the benefits of using Evernote, Asana, and LastPass as an online teacher.

Since then, I have started using other useful applications, and today I want to share three that I’m sure you’re going to love.

These apps have helped me save time and become more organized; one has even helped me improve my writing.

So, let’s jump right in and start with my favorite.

Text Expander

Click here to check out TextExpander

This application has saved me a lot of time, and I can’t recommend it enough.

It works like this: you assign snippets to commonly used text and pictures, and when you type out those snippets, they transform into the pre-assigned text.

Here is a quick video showing how it works:


As an example, I get asked the same questions from English learners over again. If someone asks me to help them with their grammar, I have a 5 paragraph response with relevant links that I like to send. All I need to do is type ;tfgrammar and then personalize the email.

I have around one hundred snippets for URLS, stock email responses, email signatures, codes, post outlines, YouTube descriptions, and much more.

TextExpander is a Mac application – PhraseExpander is the Windows equivalent – and syncs across all Apple devices.

It works in every writing application, so you can use it when responding to emails, writing blog posts, and posting on Facebook.

The more snippets you add, the more you’ll get out of this application, and I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s $34.95 for a lifetime license.

Sunrise Calendar

Click here to check out Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is the best online calendar I have come across.

It syncs with other applications meaning that you can have everything on one calendar. For example, it syncs with:

– Google and Apple Calendar (iCloud)
– Facebook events
– Asana
– Evernote
– LinkedIn
– tv Shows
– sporting fixtures (I integrated it with Preston North End’s fixtures, in case you were wondering)

Due to these integrations, I can avoid double booking myself without having to check different sites. As an online teacher, this is invaluable.

Personally, I love how it integrates with Asana, showing the different tasks I have for each day. If you use a different application for task-management, there will most likely be an integration for that too.

There are lots of little things that make the application so useful, for example, you can respond to Facebook events within the app.

It’s easy to use, looks great, and works on all devices. And it’s free.


Click here to check out Grammarly

With all the articles, social media posts, and emails that I write, I often make silly mistakes.

Grammarly, a grammar checker that works best through the Chrome extension, has made writing much easier for me. It claims to spot ten times the mistakes than common word processors, and from my experience, I have found that to be true.

This is what it looks like within WordPress (with the Chrome extension):

Grammarly Within WordPress

16 Advanced Issues!

When you click the red correct button, a pop-up window appears with suggested corrections and explanations, and you can make changes within the pop-up.

In addition to checking your writing, it detects plagiarism and helps you improve word choice with vocabulary suggestions.

I’ve improved my writing quite significantly since first using it. And as I mentioned before, having something highlight silly mistakes and typos has made a big difference.

It’s not perfect and can’t be compared to a professional proofreader or editor, but it’s fantastic if you need something that works wherever you write.

There is a free and a paid version available.

Over to You

Have you used any of the applications listed here or in my first post? If so, share your experiences using them.

Additionally, if you have any app recommendations for online teachers, please share them below!


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