Welcome to This Free Tutorial on How to Build Your Website Using WordPress

Pick up the FREE Checklist to go along with this guide. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your teaching website (and you’ll get some bonus advice too!)

Welcome to this free tutorial on how to build your website with WordPress.

I have talked on this blog about why you need to have your own website (not just a free blog) if you are going to become an online ESL/EFL teacher.

I also highly recommend using WordPress (not WordPress.com) as it is the best way to create a great looking website that puts you in control of the look and content.

This tutorial will go through everything you need to be able to get things up and running.

We’ll take you through this process step-by-step; if you follow the instructions you can have your website live within 20-30 minutes!

And, along with our advice and resources, you’ll be able to create a wonderful design and a strong website that gives you the platform to promote yourself and your lessons.

We’re going to break the process into the following parts and sections:

Part One – The (easy) Tech Part

1. Getting a domain name.

2. Getting a hosting plan.

3. Installing WordPress.

4. Choosing and installing a theme.

Part Two – The (fun) Optimizing Part

1. How to create pages and posts

2. Creating your homepage and menu

3. Using sidebars

4. Optimizing your site with plugins