Hosting Plans

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To create a website using WordPress, you will need to get a hosting account (so that your website appears on the internet!)

Once you have your hosting account, you’ll be able to install WordPress and then create and add content to your new site. So, let’s get you set up with your account.

Luckily hosting has got cheaper over the years and it is easy to find hosting for as little as $5 a month.

Bluehost (opens in new tab) is my choice when it comes to hosting and I host most of my sites with Bluehost. It is the most trusted hosting company out there and the service is just great. Whenever I have a problem, I just get onto to live chat with them and they sort things out pretty quickly.

(Please note: I’ve just started using Siteground. If you want the best service and quickest website, then definitely consider it; their support is instant, my site is SUPER fast, and they were great with helping me set things up. It will cost a little more per month ($2-3 more), but I high recommend it.)

Here is how to get everything set up within minutes with Bluehost (Siteground is very similar):

Sign Up

Click the green Sign Up Now button as shown and under “I Have a Domain” enter your newly bought domain name (without http://www.).

After entering your account information you come to this screen:

Package Information Bluehost

Choose the amount of time you would like (the longer you choose, the cheaper it is per month) and then click on more information for the added extras. I normally backup my own website, but if you’re looking for a hassle free way of backing up your website then this might be for you. Check the other two options if you feel that they are necessary.

Now enter your billing details and your password information and you’re good to go. Just wait for an email confirming your new hosting plan.

Now we need to tell Godaddy about your new hosting and install WordPress.