How to Install WordPress

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So, we’ve got our domain name and our hosting plan in the bag. Now it’s time to install WordPress.

Back to Godaddy

(Note: If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can do this part later)

Firstly we need to let Godaddy know that you are hosting your website with Bluehost. So, go to your “Welcome to Bluehost” email and look at the section where it says, “Account Information.”

You’ll need the information next to Name Server 1 and Name Server 2.

In a new tab log into your Godaddy account and click “My Account” in the top left hand corner. Click the green launch button next to domains which will open a new tab. From there click on your domain name. You’ll see an option to manage your name servers. Click “manage” and change the current name servers to the ones that Bluehost sent you.

Now Godaddy knows that you are using Bluehost as your host. Now it’s..

Time for WordPress

Go to and log in (Control Panel Login – Top right hand corner). You should see the following:

Bluehost C-Panel


Under “Site Builders” click WordPress. This doesn’t take you directly to the install, instead you have to find it again (under blogs). Once you have selected it again, click “Install.”

Choose your domain from the drop down box and enter the title of your website. Click for more options and choose your login data.

Uncheck everything (you don’t need them) and click “Complete.” Wait a few seconds and you’re done!

Right click on “Site URL” to see your new site. Needs a bit of work, right? We’ll cover that in part two, so for now click on “Login URL” and it will take you to your login. Enter your details and then head on over to Part 2!