Getting Started and Adding Pages

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We’re logged in now, our theme is uploaded, and if you go back to your Dashboard you will see something like this:

WordPress Dashboard

Here is your dashboard (some of the menu is missing on the left and my theme gives me different options). From here you’ll be able to do everything needed to change the look and content of your website. We’re going to start with pages and posts and then do a couple of things to make things better.

Let’s first look at writing new content, both for pages and posts.

Pages and Posts

Hover over “Pages” in the menu and click “All Pages”. Delete the sample page that is there and then click the “add new page” button. You’ll see something like this:

Add New WordPress Page

From here you’ll be able to add a new page to your website. As an ESL online teacher you will need some basic pages like the courses you offer, some information about yourself, and some contact information. Here are some pages that I feel are necessary:

1. Homepage
2. Contact page
3. About me/us page
4. A page or pages with information about your lessons
5. A page (or just contact form) so that your students can book lessons with you.
6. A payment page

Two things to do first

Here are some general settings to get your site optimized straight away:

1. Change your Permalinks – Go to Settings -> Permalinks and choose the option “Post Name

2. Update your information – Go to Users -> All Users and edit your details. Your biographical information will show up at the bottom of your posts if you decide to include this.

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In the next section we’re going to look at our homepage and creating a menu for our website.