YouTube Pop

Here’s How to Make Your YouTube Channel Pop (Case Study)

In this video and article, I’m going to:

  • share my YouTube analytics
  • show the three times when my channel has popped
  • go through a simple strategy which you can implement to grow your YouTube channel

My YouTube Channel and the Three Times It Has Popped

I started the To Fluency channel in late 2014.

As you can see, I have seen growth year-on-year:

Year-on-year YouTube

This has been through consistent video uploading and small incremental improvements.

(note: YouTube channels can grow exponentially. At first, it’s like pushing a rock uphill. But once you gain momentum, things start to happen.)

The monthly view is interesting:

You can see three distinct periods when my channel popped. When YouTube started pushing out certain videos to new audiences.

The first time this happened was in 2016. I made a few videos at the start of the year which were focused on goals and motivation.

The second time this happened, an old video suddenly started getting lots of traction. YouTube recommended it to new audiences. Watch it here:

But it wasn’t just random. A few months earlier, I had updated various YouTube videos. For this one, I changed the thumbnail (made the text bigger) and changed the title.

We’ll come on to why this works later.

The third pop came about because I made a few videos that I knew had the potential to do well.

You see:

YouTube is all about giving people what they want and playing the algorithm game. You don’t have to do this all the time or go to extremes but know that it’s important to do if you want your channel to grow faster.

You need videos that are going to reach new audiences. Videos that are going to bring in new subscribers.

Not every video has to be like this.

But make these videos part of your overall strategy.

The video I made was this one:

It has a strong title and a strong thumbnail. It’s on a topic that I know people in my niche like.

YouTube recommends videos that:

  • people click on (high CTR rate)
  • people like (watch time)
  • are engaging (comments, likes, shares)

This video had all of the above. Here are the stats for this one:

It’s received three major pushes (I’m hoping for more!).

It has brought in over 13,000 new subscribers. It’s brough in a lot of new course sales.

I’ve recently made a part two for this. I’ll explain why in the next section.

How to Make Your Channel Pop and Grow Faster

With all that in mind, here is how to make your channel grow faster.

Be Clear on the Action You Want People to Take

This isn’t directly linked to channel growth but it makes smart business sense.

Are you going to rely on YouTube’s monetization? Or are you going to use YouTube as lead generation?

I do both.

I monetize my channel and use YouTube as my main source of leads for my programs.

Find Out What Works and Do More of That

When I made my latest batch of videos, I knew what people wanted and gave them more of that.

Some of the videos that I thought were going to do well didn’t.

But some of them did.

Take a look at your YouTube stats, see which videos have been the most popular, and do more of that.

If you don’t have a channel yet, look at what’s working for others.

Update Old Videos

This is what lead to my second pop.

I took various older videos that had performed well and updated the thumbnails, headlines, descriptions.

From there, post the video to your community tab and share it elsewhere to give it that boost.

Be Consistent and Make More Videos

Make more high-quality videos and be consistent with this.

You’ll notice that a lot of the bigger channels might post once per week.

They have reached the stage where they can do this and still grow. But first, you need to earn the right to get to this stage.

To speed this up, make more videos.

Promote Your Videos

Post your videos on Facebook. Use your email list to grow your audience. Tell people about your channel.

Additionally, use YouTube as a community and get yourself out there.

Comment on other people’s videos and collaborate with others in your niche.


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