Mau Buchler of Tripppin Drops In to Give Advice on Teaching Online

We love to feature people who are making a mark in the online world, and today I have another guest vlog from Mau Buchler. Mau recently launched his unique English learning platform Tripppin. To give you a taste of what this is like, take a look at the introductory video:

Speaking with Mau, I know how much work and passion he has put into this unique project. The platform is truly incredible and it’s fantastic to see something like this come to fruition.

So, I asked Mau if he could share his experiences of teaching online with everyone here at Teaching ESL Online.

In the following video you will learn about:

– Mau’s English teaching history.
– The similarities and differences of online teaching.
– The skills you need to teach online (the basics).
– Different approaches to English teaching (accents).
– The easiest way to get online students.
– Working your connections (go back to your ex-students).
– The advantages of online for students.
– General advice for pricing and converting new clients.
– How to use Tripppin to find students.
– How to approach students.

The Video

I love Mau’s approach to finding students. You should always work your connections and keep a record of the contact details of your current and ex-students. There are many great ways to do this, and I’ll go more into this technique in a later post.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got inspired about moving your teaching online.

More About Mau

Mau has been traveling since he was two, teaching since he was 17, and working with e-learning since 2004.

He hosted a radio show in Australia for three years on Eastside FM, has worked as a translator, and owned a bar in Brazil. He’s also done a Ted Talk.

Check out his work on Tripppin – a space for students and teachers to come together and learn in an interactive and fun environment.


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