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Teaching English Online: Thoughts on a Teaching Niche 4 Years On and Saying NO!!!

One of my earlier posts on this blog was about teaching niches.

This and other similar posts gained a lot of traction.

I argued that in order to stand out and build a teaching business, it’s wise to choose a niche.

This is still true, however, the way that I recommend going about choosing one has changed. Watch the video to get my best tips on this and why saying NO is liberating.

Defining a Teaching Niche and Getting Started

I believe the best way to look at a teaching niche is by focusing on:

  1. What you teach
  2. Who you teach
  3. How you teach

For example, you can offer general lessons to anyone in the world. But the way you stand out is by doing in your own specific way.

My niche has evolved since 2011.

I used to teach anyone who wanted lessons. This included beginners, kids, and people wanting exam preparation.

I then decided to focus on conversational lessons for adults.

The way I taught changed too.

Instead of offering one-to-one lessons, I offered video courses.

Key Takeaway: think about your teaching niche but allow it to evolve. If in doubt, just get teaching.

Saying NO!!!

My niche for this website has changed too.

I used to try and help anyone who had questions related to online teaching.

For example, people ask me all the time about online jobs.

Past Jack would have spent time researching this and responding to emails.

Current Jack says, “Sorry, I’m not the best person to ask about this.”

The same goes for blended learning in universities, how to pay taxes, and lesson plans.

I stick with what I know and find people who need help with this.

Over to You

There is a balance when first starting.

You might not be in a position financially to say no.

But drive demand for your lessons so that you can.


Well, that is where I can help you.

Jump right in by joining TEOC today and I’ll show you how to create a stream of students who want to pay you for what you offer.

Or if you’d like to dip your toe in the water first, check out my free video training below.

Thanks for reading!


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