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Should I Put My Podcast Episodes on YouTube? (Shocking Stats from My Channel)

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Today, we’re going to go through whether you should put podcast episodes on YouTube.

I’m going to share some incredible stats from my YouTube channel for English learners.

And also give you some tips if you decide to do this.

Read the article below and/or watch the video here:

Why My YouTube Stats Made Me Start a Podcast

To give you some context, my YouTube channel for learners has over 500k subscribers at the time of writing this post.

Here’s what’s crazy:

My most-viewed video is audio-only.

That’s right. All it has is an image as a placeholder. It’s had over 1.3 million views:

stats for podcast episode on YouTube

Because of the initial success, I started making more podcast episodes for YouTube only.

These performed great too.

So, in April of 2021, I decided to create a podcast.

Here’s a video explaining more:

I’ve had over 85,000 downloads to date.

Each month, views keep on increasing:

podcast downloads stats

So, I didn’t start with a podcast and then put it on YouTube.

I tested my podcast on YouTube and decided to create a podcast because of the success these videos had.

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Should You Put Your Podcast Episodes on YouTube?

If you’re considering it, why not test it?

I was shocked by how many people are looking for audio-only content on YouTube.

In fact, I think it’s worth creating a YouTube channel for your podcast if you don’t have one already.

Here are the two main advantages YouTube has:

  1. Content on YouTube is evergreen
  2. Content on YouTube is highly searchable

The episode that has 1.3 million views keeps getting views each day:

There’s been an uptick recently but it averages between 5-10k views per week.

This is because people are finding the video when they search on YouTube, on Google, and also when they’re browsing YouTube.

These views turn into subscribers, email leads, and course sales.

Tips on How to Best Upload Podcast Episodes to YouTube

Here’s the type of content you can create:

type of content to upload to YouTube

You can:

  • have an image as a placeholder
  • be on-screen (great for interview podcasts)
  • have dynamic images and subtitles.

Again, a simple image worked well for me. The conversation-type episodes are great for video content. Having dynamic images or videos works too but takes more time to create.

I also recommend adding subtitles if you can.

The YouTube-generated captions work much better these days.

If you want something more accurate, try

What to Do Next

Try posting your podcast episodes on YouTube using the formats mentioned above.

See if it works for you.

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