Shortcoder WordPress Plugin

Shortcoder: Try this Useful WordPress Plugin (Create Shortcodes for Anything)

Today, I’m going to show you a WordPress plugin that I think you should try.

It took me a long time to find this.

When I got it, it blew me away.

Watch the video and/or read the article below to find out more information.

What This Plugin Does

In short, Shortcoder allows you to create shortcodes for anything.

Think of anything that you constantly use on your WordPress site. Instead of going back to a post and copying and pasting something, you can simply add in a shortcode.

Here’s what this looks like:

Shortcoder backend

What I Use this Plugin For and How to Use It

As you can see, I have three shortcodes at the moment.

All of these are opt-ins for my email marketing lists. I use LeadPages to create my popups.

This is what it looks like on a page:

The grey box at the bottom is created simply by entering the following shortcode:

entering the shortcode

When you enter that shortcode, whatever you have put into the backend will show up on your website (as you saw before with the opt-in).

Here is what the coding looks like:

blurred out

Moving forward, I’m going to enter different shortcodes depending on what type of post I’m writing.

At the moment, I have one email funnel.

But I might want to create one for posts that focus on YouTube, one for posts that focus on Instagram etc.

Additionally, on my other website, I have gone back and forth with sometimes my ebook opt-in and information about my course.

As I mentioned in the video, I don’t like the look of this opt-in box right now. But luckily, I’ve been using Shortcoder so I can change the design once and this will populate on all my posts.

I hope you found this useful. If you did, please share!


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