How to Start an Email Newsletter

If there is one thing that I wish I had done from the start, it would have to be starting a newsletter.

I have lost contact with so many potential and ex-students because it took me THREE YEARS to set things up after creating my website.

But, I’m so happy that I finally started one. Now, I can sort my readers into different sections, target them with offers, and keep in touch with everyone in my community. My email list (my following) is the most important thing I have.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting an email list right from the start. There are different ways that you can get people to get on your list, and I talk about some of those ways here.

The main reason to do this is that many students ask for details about your lessons, but never go through with them. That’s life, and it happens a lot. But, if you manage to automatically put those people onto your list, then you have many ways to contact them in the future.

Emailing everyone individually takes time. And, it is difficult to keep a record of who has contacted you and what history you have with them.

So, start building your email list as soon as you start your site. Getting this set up should be a priority over starting Facebook pages, using Twitter, and even advertising.

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