The Different Types of Emails and How to Send Them

There are three different types of messages that you can send to your email list:

– A general update (just like a regular email).
– A blog broadcast (when you write a new blog post, this automatically happens).
– An follow up series (emails are sent out automatically related to when the person signed up).

But, let’s look at the first message you send.

Welcome Message

When someone signs up to your list, you have the option of sending out a welcome email. If you are giving away something for free, you can send them a link to the free guide in this email. Otherwise, it’s a great way to welcome someone to your newsletter.

All you need to do is go to “Messages” and click “Follow Up Series.” You can create your welcome message here.

Welcome Message Aweber

Blog Broadcast

So, to send a blog broadcast, you need to set things up first. This is really straightforward, and Aweber helps you along with this process. Here is what it looks like inside Aweber:

Aweber Blog Broadcast

You’ll need your RSS feed; there is a link inside Aweber that shows you how to do this for WordPress. You then pick a template for your message, add in additional information, and the next time you post a new article, your readers will be sent out the email.

I actually prefer to send personal messages using general broadcasts as I can make the message more personal.


A broadcast is when you send out a regular email or your newsletter. At this stage, it’s a good idea to choose a template for your email. I keep it very simple and don’t really use a template as I feel more personal emails work better for what I want to achieve.

You can send broadcasts for anything really: new posts, offers, general news, reminders etc.

Follow Up Series

This can be a very powerful tool to use. It works like this:

– You write a series of emails, for example, 6 emails that have great content and also soft-sell your lessons. Or, a 7 day training course by email.
– You decide when someone receives these emails.
– When someone signs up to your list, they will receive emails in the order you created, and when you wanted them to go out. So, let’s say that you want your emails to automatically go out every day for 5 days, whenever someone signs up, they will receive the first email the first day, the second the second day and so on.

As I say, this is very powerful, and once you have this set up, you don’t need to worry about writing content. I’ve done this for some products that I sell and courses that I run, and it’s been very successful.

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