Email Marketing Tips

Setting up your email marketing strategy is the number one thing I recommend doing after setting up your site. But, to make it successful, it is important to do it in the right way. Here are my tips on email marketing in relation to getting more clients.

Don’t Oversell

This is really important as if you come across too strong, then you’ll turn people away. I hardly ever plug my lessons in my newsletter, but just by sending out great information and engaging in conversations, I receive many students through my email list.

If you want to sell something, I recommend building it up first.

Have Strong and Curious Headlines

Facebook seems to full of headlines such as, “I was gobsmacked when I saw this. I can’t believe she got away with it!” Personally, I think these headlines are over the top, but you do want to create interest when sending out emails.

So, try different headlines and write something that will make those in your list want to open your email.

Make Email List Building Your Focus on Your Site

Social media is really important too, and we all want more followers. But, email should be your focus. Set up your website so that you are letting your readers know that you want them on your list. Don’t give them a clear option between your Facebook page or your email list.

A good trick is to get them on your list first, and then ask them to follow you on social media in the welcome message.

Segment People

Within Aweber you can create different lists, and also segment people on your list. So, let’s say that someone joins your list and then goes on to take lessons with you. What you send this person (your student) will be different to what you want to send others (potential students).

You can achieve this by segmenting your list within Aweber and sending people targeted emails.

Find a Balance of How Many Emails You Send

Sending people things every day (unless it’s something like quote of the day) will make people want to unsubscribe. On the other hand, sending emails once every two/three months won’t keep you in the mind of your readers (and they might forgot about who you are).

Once a week is a good middle ground, but don’t worry too much about it getting to two weeks.

Get Started

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