Setting Up Your Email List

I have used Aweber for the past two years and recommend that you do too. It’s easy to use and is the most trusted email service provider.

(NOTE: To email people who sign up to receive your emails (newsletter), you need to use an email service provider.)

Take Their $1 Trial

Click here to sign up. It’s $1 for the first month, and then $19 a month after that. The ROI is incredibly high for email newsletters, and the monthly price offers great value.

Fill out the form and then log into your account.

Create a New List

Click the button to create a new list. You’ll see this page:

Create Aweber List

List Name: Enter a name here. Keep it simple, it’s not too important.
List Description: Again, not that important.
From Name: Your name.
Address: The email address you want to use.
Contact Address: Enter in a physical address (needed for the CAN-SPAM Act). This could be a P.O. Box address.

Underneath this box you can decide whether you want to receive notifications when someone sign ups.

Save the form and move on to part two.

Company Branding

Enter in your details for the top of the form, and ignore the rest.

Confirmed Opt-In

You know when you sign up for a newsletter and they ask you to confirm? This is what this part is about. You can customize this message in this section.

In addition, you can create a page that people are directed to when they opt-in. Otherwise, leave this blank and Aweber will use their automated page.

Let’s now look at creating a form for your site..